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Review on Reading Writings book blog

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My book, Murder in the Bougainvillea, was recently reviewed and featured on a book blog called Reading Writings. It also links into facebook and google+ pages.

Geeta and Rajalakshmi are the duo behind this blog who post author spotlights and book reviews. Rajalakshmi reviewed my book and gave it 5/5 stars.

Here's an extract from the review:

"Murder in the Bougainvillea is a story that is short, sweet and at the same time compelling. You can't stop once you start reading. The story has all the required elements of a supernatural murder mystery. It has a well-written plot, tight narrative, excellent characterization and above all, absence of jargons."

Read the full review here: Reading Writings

Three months on...

MITB 3 months on

After I hit the publish button it's a nervous wait until the first reviews are in before I find out how well, or not, my book has been received.

I edit and revise a story many times and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees, as the saying goes, so while I think it's entertaining, I don't actually know until my readers tell me!

It's been three months since I published Murder in the Bougainvillea, the first of the Natasha Green books, and a good time for a little overview of how it's done. 

Yesterday saw it reach 10 ratings on Goodreads (with 7 reviews) and an average of 4.40 out of 5. On Amazon US it has four five-star reviews on an Amazon UK it has one five-star review. 

I want to thank everyone who leaves reviews, not just for me but for for all self published authors. They really do make a difference to us!

I'm very happy that readers are enjoying it and I'm busy writing the second one.