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June 2016

Puzzle: Can you #findtheicecream among the shells?

I enjoyed the #findthepanda puzzle and all the variations that came after it, such as storm trroopers and snowmen.
When I was looking at ideas for my adult colouring book, Drawn to the Ocean, it was an obvious choice to include a similar puzzle. 
However, pandas weren't related to my sea-themed designs, so it became #findtheicecream among the sea shells. I hope people enjoy the puzzle and colouring it.
Is this the most difficult puzzle yet? Well, I tried it out on a few people and they all found it eventually but it wasn't quick. I'll let you answer that question!

Drawn cover and view small

Drawn to the Ocean:

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Good reviews: Murder in the Bougainvillea

MITB 15 review

Recently my short novella, Murder in the Bougainvillea, reached the milestone of not just going into double figures, but reaching 15 reviews.

This is on the US Amazon site and I'm very happy that readers like the book with 67% giving it five stars, and 33% giving four stars.

My two non fiction books have been taking up time recently, but now they are both published I'm back to writing the second book in this series, which will be Murder in the Lotus Flower.

I'm nearly through with the first draft, so it should be out before Autumn this year.

Newspaper feature: Drawn to the Ocean

Herald drawn

Hot on the heels of my book being featured in a regional magazine, it's also gone online at a local city paper.

The Herald covers Plymouth and the surrounding area, in the south west of England. The website has hits from all over the world, though mainly the UK.

I'm so pleased with this article and hope there will be many more to come.

Click here to read the full story.


Drawn to the Ocean:

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Click here for a quick page flip through on youtube.