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An artist is often told they need to have a recognisable style if they want people to buy their work. I can see the value in this but it's never worked for me as I like try different mediums and tend to switch between art and writing. Though I have common themes, which are nature and the ocean for my art, and crime and mystery for my writing.

I've tried to bring all bits and pieces together here, so I hope you find something that you like.



My art:

My paintings are available as high quality prints and products through Redbubble

Aerial seascape

Aerial 3b

Blue starfish bag 1

George print room



My books:

My fiction and non fiction books are available on Amazon. 

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Designer and artist Gillian Adams

Hello, I'm Gillian and an artist in the UK. I started my career as a graphic designer, before moving on to the media industry. I still got creative in my spare time with many different mediums including small metals, ceramics, inks and acrylics.

I published six colouring books on different themes between 2016 and 2018 which are available on Amazon and also a short mystery in 2015.

Now I play around with various techniques to create beautiful paintings inspired by the natural world.

I also love wild swimming and you can read about some of my wild swims here.

Tavy Cleave, Dartmoor by Gillian Adams


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