Inspired by nature and the ocean...

Big wave by Gillian Adams


"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."
- Vincent Van Gogh


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Starfish journal
@ Gillian Adams, Starfish Splash design

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Citrus medley tote

© Gillian Adams, Citrus Medley pattern

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Big wave print
© Gillian Adams, Big Wave design

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Zod bag pisces

© Gillian Adams, Pisces Constellation

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Designer and artist Gillian Adams

Hello, I'm Gillian and an artist in the UK. I started my career as a graphic designer, before moving on to the media industry. I still got creative in my spare time with many different mediums including small metals, ceramics, inks and watercolours.

Now I play around with various techniques to create beautiful designs, colouring books and paintings inspired by the shapes and colours of the world around me, whether man made or in nature.

Recently I've been focussing on the ocean and waves. As a wild swimmer the sea brings me a lot of joy and peace of mind, and I love trying to capture it in a painting. Read about some of my wild swims here.


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